About Us

Welcome to Community Doctors.  As the cost of medical insurance continues to soar, millions of people are unable to afford coverage or their deductible is so high, they don’t seek care. Yet the need for basic medical care from doctors, professional services and medications is as important as ever.

Community Doctors was founded on the belief that there was a way to provide access to physicians and other medical services on an affordable basis without sacrificing quality.  We were right.

Everyday more and more people in need simple healthcare either wait days for a doctor appointment, visit an expensive Urgent Care center, hospital ER or just go without. Not anymore!  Community Doctors is leading the way as an affordable and convenient solution for millions of American's. We at Community Doctors are proud to help you leverage technology that efficiently connects patients and providers by phone or video to deliver secure high-quality care. Does telemedicine work? Yes, our network provider triaged over 1 million incoming calls in 2017 with 95% member satisfaction.

We look forward to being of service.